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‘Cosmic Expansion’ – a fitting title coined from one of Threaded Tribes’ launch events, as well as their plan to communicate their visions on the global stage through social media, and physical pop ups, of which I had the honour of attending a few months ago in Nairobi. The ‘Cosmic’ aspect is derived from the our unconventional design elements – such as colour and aesthetic sensibility, and the contrast they have with the person wearing them and the environment at large. It was quite a task to consolidate such themes before, during, and after the shoot, the images had to be a delicate balance of the brand’s unique Ghanaian heritage, Awurama’s vision, and my approach to balancing such aspects that are relevant and original enough to be possibly viewed by their audience and part of their visual catalogue.

This first set in the series is a reflection of the brand’s adaptability and faithfulness to preserving its heritage. I was inspired by Solange’s portrayal of African-Americans in the southern states of the USA, and how they adapted to American culture whilst preserving their African roots in her visual album, When I Get Home. The pants, coupled with the silk cloak and cowboy hat, and the model’s posture in a natural environment are a fitting representation of such themes.

This set explores contrasts between outfits intended for male and female wearers, albeit with a slightly surrealist twist on the female model’s part. The outfits create synergy and further emphasise on the brand’s balance of form and functionality, as well as adaptability in a particular environment. It concentrates on the well thought out surrealist integration with the standard Threaded Tribes shirts, giving off themes of confidence and an unconventional perspective on how fashion in general is appropriated.

This subset expands on the surrealist aspects of the shoot, and how the outfits pictured separately hold their own in a less-than-desirable environment, a good representation of the cosmic theme of the shoot. It also harmonises the two outfits, which displays the seamless contrast between colours and overall practicality of such clothing.

Finally, this successive subset relegates the appropriation of the photographed outfit in a more casual environment, where the wearer may not be as exposed to the elements as before in the previous locations prior to this one.